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The “TO BE US EXPERIENCE” is a program designed to provide an intimate look into what it means to be “working while Black”.


Participants will view the award-winning film, TO BE US:To Work, and engage in an organic discussion and Q&A with the filmmakers.


The discussion will delve into the following topics surrounding the work experiences illustrated in the film:


  • racism/micro-aggressions

  • lateral violence

  • misogynoir

  • retaliation/wrongful termination

  • weathering

This is not a DEI training session nor a didactic human resource initiative, but rather a program designed to validate the experiences or your Black colleagues and offer challenging insight for your non-Black workers.



If you are interested in enriching your current DEI curriculum and training efforts, consider screening this documentary film with your team and engaging in a transparent and powerful discussion with the filmmakers.

The TBU Experience.png
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Ernie Manouse

Former NPR Producer

11x Emmy Winner

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