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We have reshaped storytelling to elevate Black creatives above mainstream consumption.


We believe storytelling and liberation are intrinsically linked, for the true measure of humanity is one's willingness to rage against the inequities from which they benefit. 

We imagine a world where Black stories and creatives are centered, empowered and liberated.
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OFFICIAL SELECTION - Whistleblower Summi
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TO BE US Productions is a Black-owned production company with a mission to elevate Black stories. 

Our debut film, TO BE US: To Work, centers on what it's like to work while Black.

The documentary recently won "Best of Film" at the International Black Film Festival.

Tosca Davis
Chief Executive Officer

Tosca is responsible for product strategy, marketing optimization, and revenue growth. Which is a fancy way of saying, “Tosca knows best.”

Prior to this role, Tosca worked 15 years in non-profit management and community relations where she was overworked and underpaid. Tosca is a devout student of mythology, astrology, symbolism, and all things deemed weird. She is also the majority owner of a Netflix account.

When Tosca is not busy saving the world, she can be found literally hugging trees in any given park or shallow forest.

Tosca has degrees in Psychology and Social Work from the University of Alabama. 

Cedrick Smith
Chief Executive Officer

Meet the Team

Cedrick is responsible for overseeing the company’s portfolio and production operations.


Cedrick is no stranger to leadership. In middle school, he was voted most likely to be voted most likely in high school. Prior to his role at TO BE US, Cedrick served as managing editor for UZURI, an African inspired fashion magazine. He went on to work as a writer and producer for The Money Lady Show and was co-writer of the critically acclaimed book, I Can’t Afford To Marry You: A guide to understanding the true cost of love with author Marilyn Logan.

In his free time, Cedrick enjoys dreaming of being a good salsa dancer, collecting comic books,  dominating his peers in golf, fighting for the rights of the marginalized, and telling anyone who will listen that he was varsity quarterback for the Dallas Carter Cowboys the year before they won the state title. Smith is a graduate of the real HU, Hampton University, and went on to attend The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, where he earned a Doctor of Medicine degree.


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